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Importance of E-Commerce in Today’s World!

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In the current scenario, everyone is emphasizing on buying products through various e-commerce channels rather than physically going to the stores. Likewise Sakshem IT understands this need of its clients that come across. Our professional team exclusively develops proficient e-commerce portals. We have recently deployed an e-Commerce portal for one of the renowned Multi-Level-Marketing businesses. This platform lets you perform many tasks, such as placing orders, making payment, and overall order tracking. Being one of the e-Commerce website development companies, we build an exclusive need-based platform where our clients and their customers can feel the ease of seamless transactions.

Under e-commerce, many services come, like:-

  1. WEB DESIGNING – Under this service, we create user-friendly and responsive websites. These websites have an exclusive graphical user interface that makes it extremely appealing for the clients and ultimately for their end-users. Create several product categories, publish your catalogs, conduct direct online tracking of order, easy and convenient login, and much more astonishing features for the smooth working of the e-Commerce portals. All the latest updates and any useful information can be presented in an interesting manner, which attracts the viewers. 
  2. MOBILE APPLICATION – Apart from being one of the best web designing firms, we also make e-commerce mobile applications. This ultimately lets us make a handy e-commerce platform that allows the end-user to take advantage wherever they want. This is the quickest way for the customers to reach out to your business. With our expertise, we serve you the best we could in the domain of e-commerce mobile applications. We make responsive mobile apps and web portals that ensure ease of working for our clients.
  3. PAYMENT GATEWAY INTEGRATION– This is the key feature of e-commerce to have all features such as payment gateway, order tracking, etc. all in one. Catering to this, Sakshem IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. offers integration of secure payment gateways in the client’s e-commerce portal. Our foremost focus is on secure and safe monetary transactions. As per Sakshem IT Solution; it is convenient to place orders, make payments and track order.
  4. RESPONSIVE WEB PORTAL– We think that feasibility is one such feature that is very important for any mobile App and also especially for any e-commerce based web-portal. Feasibility means the app should not be restricted to a particular platform or two. It must be freely workable for as many platforms as possible. We believe in creating fully responsive websites, which makes us a custom web development company.
  5. MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT– A responsible person always takes care of its products even after completing or handing over them, so do we. We don’t leave our clients after handing over the final product. We understand that there might be instances where our intervention is required. That’s the maintenance and support part of the e-commerce portal. This part of the service is equally important as the other services. We provide proactive support to all our clients and keep the minimum TAT for any of their query resolution.

We offer end-to-end support and services of maintenance so that there are no circumstances that hinder the seamless working of the online transactions and shopping through the sIT designed e-commerce platforms.

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