The Power Packed All-In-One HRMS Solution

OUR HRMS: An Absolute Power-Packed Human Resource Management System

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OUR HRMS by Sakshem IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. 


Sakshem IT always aims at enabling the client’s feelings in the ultimate product or service that they render to them. Catering to the most complex working module – the Human Resources system; we have made the Our-HRMS software that includes several HR Management Modules. This facilitates our clients in easy and effective management of all the human resource related activities and processes. One always intends to have the most convenient yet effective software that acts as an all-in-one solution for streamlining and boosting the activities of the overall HR system.

There exist extensive HRMS employee self-service features, that enable smooth execution and feasibility of every activity. Our-HRMS is a complete master of Attendance Management System, Leave Management System, Payroll Management System, Employee Performance Appraisal (ePA), Loan and Advance Management, Shift and Asset allocation, and many more. This is also one of the best Employee Database Management Systems that constitutes all the details pertaining to the employee within one system. One can also find the provision of creating multiple companies, several departments, and then in particular having employees within these. Further as an add-on, one can align the respective shifts and payroll calculations to defined companies as per the requirement.

By having the master system in place; an organization attains perfection in the overall working mechanism. Efficiency and effectiveness tend to increase and the overall end result of the human resource activities is achieved with utmost accuracy. Along with having a system in place, one always seeks on having customized processes and activity executions as per their need. Hence, OUR HRMS by Sakshem IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. ensures to inherit the feelings of its customers in the end product that they build in. OUR HRMS is one the best suitable Human Resource Management Software for any type of business, as it constitutes all the mandatory features and customized workflows as well.

For ease of the clients, Sakshem IT provides this solution as a Mobile Application package as well. This is available on both the Android and the iOS platforms. With utmost comfort and handy access of all human resources features, the employee and the business administrator conveniently manage all requests, approvals and cancellations through the mobile platform itself. Master dashboard provides the instant intuitive analysis and data trend for the self-analysis as well. OUR HRMS is the whole sole concrete solution for the organizations to execute their daily human resource functions with utmost comfort and accuracy.

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” Let’s together make this journey simple and easy with Our-HRMS.

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