Qualities of a User- friendly website!

Qualities of a user-friendly website

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In today’s time, there is no better way of marketing any Brand than the look & function of its Website. It is literally the ‘Front-door’ of your brand. It is the only way which will convert the users of website into the customers & not only that if their experience will be good they would like to visit frequently also. That means the key goal of any website must be to make it ‘user-friendly’

Hence, the key points to make a website ‘User-friendly’ are:-

WELL-DESIGNED & FUNCTIONAL – Your website represents your company, the products & overall the brand. So it is extremely important to be more appealing & attractive. Use of white background with clear good quality graphics, uncluttered layouts, and a clear-cut message from your side will be best.

EASY TO USE – Site visitors are always in hurry. Don’t make them search for information, as visitor’s experience is the key. If they’ll have a good experience while using your website then only they will visit again or frequently, which is the prime focus for any company to attract the customers in their favor in order to increase their business.

OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE – Even if your website is great in design & functionality, but not optimized for mobile phones then it will affect your business. As in today’s scenario, people are more mobile friendly and you cannot guess that what & when your user will search on your website.

FRESH QUALITY CONTENT – Be fresh, different & new when it comes to content. Be short & accurate, spell correctly, be relevant & also update regularly. Blog posting & social media are the two most great platforms to showcase & advertise your updated content. Such as your newly introduced products or upcoming projects or offers.

READILY ACCESSIBLE CONTACT & LOCATION – Your audience will not chase you, rather you have to be available for them everywhere through different ways such as on office address, phone, email and of course social media. A Google map is a bonus. On the top, make all the information on an easy-to-find contact page of your site.

CLEAR CALLS TO ACTION – Another very important factor while using the website is that you must ask from the visitors itself that whether their purpose of visiting your website is accomplished or not? Whether your visitors are satisfied or not? If they are not, then what were the shortcomings. So that there’s always a scope of improvement & an updation as well.

OPTIMIZED FOR SEARCH & THE SOCIAL WEB – If your website is just easy to use that’s not enough as it will not attract many visitors only on the basis of that aspect. You have to have more traffic on your website. There are many ways to increase traffic, such as using keywords in the titles, headings or in links, etc. that are often searched or used by the people on the internet.

Hence if we consider the aforesaid points while creating any website for the client company, then you will have a perfect ‘User-friendly’ website which will be almost error-free & there are chances of it being famous as well.

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