Three Pillars Of Data security - Confidentiality, Integrity And Availability

Three Pillars Of Data security – Confidentiality, Integrity And Availability

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CIA really stands for Confidentiality, Integrity and convenience. The Central Intelligence Agency Triad is really a security model that has been developed to help people believe in varied parts of IT security. It is a model designed to guide policies for information security among companies. The model is to boot generally noted as a result of the AIC triad to avoid confusion.


Confidentiality roughly adores Confidentiality measures designed to prevent sensitive information from unauthorized access tries. It is common for data to be classified per the amount and kind of damage that might be done if it fell into the wrong hands.

Types of information

There are a unit many types of hint, such as:-

  • Employee information
  • Managerial information
  • Organisational information
  • Customer or Contact information
  • Professional information

Different ways to manage confidentiality

  • Ensuring that hint is commonly fixed away at the hours of darkness, and not left unattended throughout the day;
  • Password-protecting sensitive portable computer files;
  • Marking hint clearly intrinsically, and guaranteeing that paper copies area unit sliced before disposal; and
  • Ensuring that you simply exclusively disclose hints to those who ought to be compelled to understand.

Common Sense and skilled Standards

Much regarding confidentiality is either sense, or coated by skilled standards. It follows that you simply got to shield data that’s regarding a personal, and that they’d not need to disclose a lot of information.


Integrity involves maintaining the consistency, accuracy and trait of knowledge over its entire lifecycle. Information should not be modified in transit, and steps should be taken to make sure information can not be altered by unauthorized folks.

Additionally, organizations should place in some suggestions that to discover Associate in Nursing changes in information that may occur as a result of non-human-caused events like a magnetic force pulse (EMP) or server crash.

Factors poignant Integrity in a very information

  • Human Errors
  • Transfer Errors
  • Bugs and Viruses

How to guarantee information Integrity in a very information

  • Here are a unit common ways used for information integrity check:
  • Limit access to information and alter permissions to constrain modifications to information by unapproved parties.
  • Focus on information validation to make sure the accuracy of knowledge once collected or integrated.
  • Maintain a daily backup of knowledge.
  • Use logs to watch once information is entered, altered, or erased.
  • Conduct systematic internal audits to make sure that data is up so far.


This is best ensured by strictly maintaining all hardware, acting hardware repairs straight off once required and maintaining a properly functioning software system (OS) setting that’s freed from package conflicts. It is also necessary to stay current with all necessary system upgrades. Providing adequate communication information measure and preventing the incidence of bottlenecks area unit’s equally necessary ways.

This is the ultimate element of the Central Intelligence Agency Triad and refers to the particular availableness of your information. High availability systems unit the computing resources that have architectures that are specifically designed to boost availability. Supported the precise angular distance system style, this could target hardware failures, upgrades or power outages to assist improve availability, or it’s going to manage many network connections to route around varied network outages.

How to maintain information availability

Improve your physical infrastructure

Speed up recovery times

Eliminate corrupted information

Streamline your information and organization

Understanding the Central Intelligence Agency

Chances are you’ve noticed a trend here – the Central Intelligence Agency Triad is all regarding data. Whereas this is often thought-about the core issue of the bulk of IT security, it promotes a restricted read of the safety that ignores alternative necessary factors. As an example, although availability could serve to ensure certain you do not lose access to resources required to supply data once it’s required, brooding about data security in itself does not guarantee that somebody else hasn’t used your hardware resources while not authorized.

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