why choose flutter (sdk) for mobile app development?

Why Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development?

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Over 100,000 apps have been built using Flutter since version one launched on 4th Dec 2018. Google Assistant, New York Times, eBay, etc. are some of the sample works of this UI software development kit. With the successful mobile app development by these top-notch brands, many businesses are looking up to availing of the Flutter app development services. It is the innumerable benefits and comfortable attributes of Flutter that has made it one of the most used programming technologies for creating high-end mobile apps.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a software development kit introduced into the development world by Google. It helps in creating a user interface for applications that can run on Android, iOS, Windows, or web browsers. Hence, it is an SDK that allows developers to create cross-platform apps. You can hire mobile app developers to create apps for all devices and platforms with a single codebase with the help of Flutter. The latest version of Flutter 1.22.5 was released on 10 December 2020. It is frequently updated to enhance the performance of apps built within its architecture.

Why Should Startups Prefer Flutter App Development for their Mobile App?

1) Faster development cycle- Flutter is tremendously fast as it takes approximately 25 seconds for its entire compilation. Further, features like hot reload permits incremental compilation. Any required changes can be executed while the app is currently in running state and that will be instantly reflected in the application. It has enormous features that allow the smooth running of the applications.

2) Native Themes for iOS and Android- The Android and iOS app developed for your business are usually planned from the start to have a difference in the look and feel. The difference arises because of the color combination, themes used for the different platform of different dimensions, and also because of the widget settle used. Choosing a different color and setting different elevation for AppBar for Android and iOS, you can get many things done to set your app on Android look different from that on iOS using a different theme if required.

3) Increase in Productivity- High productivity is amongst the key performing factors for enhancing the business. Flutters provide flexibility to the programmer as they don’t need to compile the code every time when some changes are made, the changes are automatically reflected in the applications as soon as it is saved.  This increases developer’s efficiency and performance to a great extent. It doesn’t require Gradle for developing an iOS mobile app which slows the development cycle. Flutter connects developers and designers and enables easy collaboration.

4) Working with native functionality- Flutter is basically a wrapper around an app that uses a special communication method called Platform Channels to connect Data to native languages. It’s easy to use and allows developers to access hardware. Currently, Flutter has libraries that allow it to connect with device hardware like GPS chips, cameras, and microphones. Until recently, this framework had no way to access a device’s AR capabilities, but a library for that has appeared as well. When you use a library, it’s harder to tweak something, so this may cause restrictions for your project. However, you can accomplish all basic tasks using Flutter libraries.

5) Backed by Google, large community support- Flutter is a ‘Google’ technology and its free. And all of us have seen how the tech giant consistently supports technologies and platforms under them with time to time issue fixes and updates.  Since its introduction, Google has made sure to offer their relentless support to the upcoming Flutter developers. It’s a notable fact that the community has been growing ever since. The 25K stars in GitHub is a solid proof of its rising popularity. Google also organizes meetup events, helping businesses and developers to catch up and discuss with other Flutter bugs.  So, if your business apps use Flutter, then do not worry about developer support and upgrades. Google will take care of it!

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