WMS - One Of The Extensive Inventory and Warehouse Management Tool

WMS – One Of The Extensive Inventory and Warehouse Management Tool

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In this neoteric world, it has become utmost essential for the organizations to streamline their overall management of the warehouse activities. There are several steps involved in the entire warehouse management system, hence an automated system for its complete management is essential.

After due evaluation of the market’s need and working style, Sakshem IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. has proficiently designed this overall inventory and Warehouse Management System. User Profiling based access of the application makes it a wonder concept to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the diverse roles for managing the overall warehouse working. Managing multiple warehouses within one system eventually facilitates the overall execution of centralized Inventory and Warehouse activities. Along with the provision of creating several locations and companies, our tool offers the master pack for centralized stock management. From the initial stage for “Bill of Material Activation & Purchase Order Processing” till the final stage of “Dispatch”, everything is executed under the formal workflow as desired or customized by the organization.

This software acts as the strengthened association between the overall procedure of Inward and Outward inventory management. This tool comes with the perfect blend of contemporary warehouse management and supply chain management. Sakshem IT’s Warehouse Management System WMS is an outstanding combination that serves all requirements of the hour. Intuitive reports are an add on feature that enable quick decision making and essential data interpretations. Everyone in today’s scenario is looking for solutions that can be customized end-to-end as per their need, and sIT understands this really well. Therefore, we offer step by step procedural customized workflows that ensure process execution and process approval simultaneously.

Along with so much to explore under one single tool, we have also provisioned the Mother Warehouse feature. Under this, the admin checks and gives the handover approval and also controls the stacking aspects of the items. This involves the control for the dispersal on the basis of the batch number and tenure of the item being stored, so as to have an effective stock management system in place. By having this lightning-fast warehouse management system enabled in the organization, one can conveniently manage the start to end process of the inward to outward inventory and stock management. 

“Our Warehouse Management System focuses on making the work easier and interesting so that people do not have to exert and shred extra efforts on simple tasks”

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