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Warehouse Management System

To manage multiple warehouses and have a centralized database management system, it is utmost essential to have an extensive Warehouse Management Software. Hereby understanding the need of the hour and the client sentiments, Sakshem IT Solution intuitively designed the WMS. This software controls Order Management,
Inventory Tracking System
, Multiple Material Type Management, Multi-Warehouse Management and a lot more. Several data analytic reports are available within the system for quick analysis and actions on the administrative front. User Profiling based access of the application makes it a wonder concept to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the diverse roles for managing the overall warehouse working. Managing multiple warehouses within one system eventually streamlines the overall execution of centralized
Inventory and Warehouse
activities. Multiple roles as per the category of the user can be assigned as per the organization’s need.

The User Interface


  • Admin user type analysis the activities being conducted within the system at each process level and after that he conveniently gives approval on activities of the process.

Create Users

  • Admin gets the provision of creating several role types as per their own company’s warehouse management style. Complete aspects of user profiling with confidentiality and authority maintenance are catered through this feature

Create Warehouse

  • Sakshem IT Solution’s WMS tool offers multi-warehouse management; therefore it is convenient for the admin to create several warehouses and manage them with the centralized working and database integration

Inventory Management

  • WMS processing involves several steps and varied stages, each of these involves the inward, outward and quality check of inventory. Admin user type gets the provision of end to end control and management of inventory at each stage for each type of warehouse created under him, this acts as the overall
    warehouse inventory tracking system

Location Master

  • WMS involves varied stages and each of these stages are usually performed at different places. Hence, the admin can create multiple locations as per the need of the organization and accordingly modify the details related to it

Racks & Palette

  • For managing the goods, segregation and placement identification is a must. Through the sIT’s WMS tool one gets the provision of adequately creating several racks and palettes and accordingly subsiding the actual goods in place.
    Effective stock management
    is done through this feature


  • Master database of the vendors is a key aspect in the overall warehouse management process. With this WMS tool one can easily create and manage the details of the vendors that are related to the company’s WMS processing

Tax details

  • Admin through this feature can create a master for overall tax management within the warehouse management system. The type of tax, amount or percentage as applicable, status of its refund, etc. can be conveniently defined through this feature.


  • Admin plays the role for centrally managing all the warehouses, hence he gets the provision of viewing and analyzing several reports as per requirement. Several stage wise reports can be retrieved by the admin.


  • The Warehouse Manager analysis the activities and actions being conducted at each process level and after that he conveniently gives approval on activities of the process within the system

Admin provisions

  • All the admin category features get designated to the warehouse manager. These are implied to only those warehouses that have been allocated to him by the admin

Stage wise processing

  • As per the varied stages of inward, outward, quality check and overall inventory management; the warehouse manager gets the authority of complete reviewal and management

Dispatch plan approval

  • The warehouse manager plays the utmost crucial role in the overall evaluation and review of the dispatch plan created for the warehouse. Appropriately all the stages are checked and then through the WMS tool feedback and approval are initiated and tracked

Stock Control

  • Overall management of the stock is essential for the working and optimum progress of the warehouse. Hence, through this sIT’s WMS tool the warehouse manager can conveniently trace the stock transaction sand control it adequately at varied stages


  • All the relevant reports related to the assigned warehouses can be seen and analysed by the warehouse manager. It is essential for the quick decision making and action plan

Process Admin

  • Under the sIT’s WMS tool, this category type gets the provision of reviewing and approving the operations that are executed under the defined warehouse management process stage

Process User

  • This category allows to perform the activities as ascertained under each process step of warehouse management system


  • Customized detailed reports are easily available as per the warehouse management process step. It is easy to check the reports and take the desired actions as desired

Process Steps under WMS

Bill Of Material Activation & Purchase Order Processing
Role of the user under this process stage is to work on quotations and create the purchase order accordingly as per rules. Post these operations, the role of admin user type comes; wherein he checks calculations and evaluates the taxation aspect. After due evaluation admin proceeds with the approval of the proposal and request raised by the user.
Admin user type plays the role of reviewing and approving the operations that are conducted by the user under inward process. The user on the other hand can perform several steps like creation of intimation slip, generation of inward number, box number, GRN, etc. Through the system’s working it becomes utmost convenient to perform each inward step and approve those as desired within the same portal itself.
Quality check
Quality check is one of the crucial stages under the entire warehouse management. Through our WMS tool,one can easily manage the stock, reports, samples, etc related to QC. The user type under this category will categorize the samples of the batch and then feed and check the entire QC inventory. On the other hand admin type under QC procedure gets the provision of approving the samples within the system with their identification tag and adequately manages the overall QC inventory
Under this stage of warehouse management system, the admin user type of motherwarehouse checks and gives the handover approval and also controls the stacking aspects of the items. Along with these activities, one gets the provision of evaluating and managing the ageing segment of each item type. This involves the control for the dispersal on the basis of the batch number and tenure of the item being stored, so as to have an effective
stock management system
in place
At the stage of production, the user under his role creates the master category boxes as per the need of dispatch and planned request of the Shipper. Complete management and working of the pick up item is done by the user under this procedural step. Along with these he also works for the finished goods. On the other hand, admin user type manages and approves all the operational actions taken by the user.
At the dispatch stage, the admin user type plays crucial role for overall planning, verification and approval of the dispatch that has to take place. Complete management and working of the pick up item is managed at this step. Several delivery related steps of listing , challan creation and invoicing are also covered under this.
Packaging management
sIT’s WMS tool manages the complete flow for packaging management because of which it becomes convenient to track and streamline the overall executions. The user under his role checks the inward procedure of the packaging material and ascertains all the requests and approvals related to these.
MIS user
For this extensive working of overall warehouse management, it is essential to have intuitive reports for accurate analysis and quick decision making. The MIS user type easily sees all the reports and adequately publishes the actions as required for the effective and efficient working of the warehouse management system of the organization.
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