Positivity of IT sector during pandemic

Positivity of Technology and IT Sector During Covid-19 Pandemic

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The domestic IT services sector is likely to see high single-digit revenue growth in 2021-2022 on the back of higher demand for digital transformation. It is believed that the companies with a focus on digital businesses, such as automation software and cloud-based service delivery, may fare better than those with a focus on business process management and legacy application and infrastructure services.

Of late, customers have turned cautious on IT spending in 2020 due to Corona. Top IT service companies are confident of improved growth in the coming quarters mainly led by receding challenges on the supply side and the ramp-up of deals. Even industries that were traditionally not IT-driven or had little dependence on IT are now adapting their businesses to the new normal as they feel the need for more agile digital solutions with a faster time to market. 

Digital transformation and migration to the cloud have become the need of the hour as it makes accessing and maintaining data from remote workplaces easier and quicker. Digital banking channels are seeing a surge in usage, and this is driving technology spending as well. The cost savings potential from the shift from physical to digital channels is also aiding technology spends

The two main and important applications that have helped in the pandemic are:

1) Helpdesk- A help desk management solution functions as a one-stop solution for all customer support, queries, requests, complaints, and assistance needs. It empowers the customer support team to handle all customer complaints and requests from one place without any hassle. Customer Relationship Management Software further allows one to maintain healthy and profitable relationships with new and existing customers. Sakshem IT Solution’s Helpdesk tool is a master module that enables all the features of a ticketing system in one. It is a  quick and easy software for on-time query-resolution handling. An all-in-one hassle-free solution for easy clients and their query management. 

2) Electronic Time Sheet- Any business with multiple employees must keep track of the hours each employee works. Electronic timesheets software is customizable based upon the business type and department. One can create custom fields and calculations to make the timesheet cater to the overall needs. Every supervisor or department head can control how timesheets are laid out to best suit the employees’ and organization’s needs. By customizing timesheets, one reduces having to manually enter data for special circumstances or edit timesheets for individual employees every pay period.

The Sakshem IT’s Electronic TimeSheet Software is one of the best Time and Attendance Software it streamlines the entire management of Time, Users, Attendance, and many others. One can easily record their efforts spent on each Project, Task, Activity, and then adequately ask their Reporting Managers to review and approve these.

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