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A quick daily self-declaration of health by everyone before entering the premises. Add a proactive barrier to the risk and infection transmission.

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Get In Safe

This Get In Safe Application of Sakshem IT acts as a platform, through which all premises can be secured from the entry of any unhealthy or infected person. This application acts as an add-on to the
Health and Safety Policy and Procedures at Workplace
. At the current scenario, the world is facing tremendous issues because of the pandemic disease, therefore it is utmost important to scrutinize each person's entry through the points of health safety. The Get In Safe application acts as the
Safe Entry App
, and asks basic questions to the person at the premise entry point (such as at the entry gate of the office premises). As per the responses filled by the person, their daily status is reflected at the end of the questionnaire.
The status comes out to be wither Red, Orange or Green. Each of this status indicates the entry access allowed to that particular person. It is our priority to safeguard the environment in which we regularly work or stay, therefore by using Get In Safe application, one can ensure that any person who is ill or unwell cannot enter their premises and communicate the disease to other people around.
This Get In Safe website app is hundred percent responsive along with the both Android and iOS supported mobile application for the quick and handy use.

The User Interface

Business Registration

  • The employer as a business app coordinator gets the provision of registering self-business on the Get In Safe app. It is a quick and easy form that needs to be filled and one can register free of cost on this
    Safe Entry App for Business
    and safeguard their premise entry.


  • The business app coordinator and see the count of total employees registered in the app, the percentage of employees present in the office. Also, the status of the employees who are marked as RED, ORANGE, GREEN as per the Get In Safe health declaration questionnaire. Several reports can be retrieved, such as daily, weekly, monthly and so on. Detailed graphical and pictorial analysis can also be seen on this single window.

Create Template

  • This application comes with the provision of importing the bulk data of employees. It is extremely easy to register the employees by simply selecting the fields of the template such as Employee code, Name, Email, Mobile Number, etc.

Import Employee from Template

  • Once the template is created, the data is entered by the business app coordinator in this template. There comes the provision of importing the template, as the filled template is imported in the system, automatically the login credentials of each employee are also generated.

Export Employee Data

  • The business app coordinator can anytime download the filled or registered employee’s data and can see it as per the need.

Restrict Employee Entry

  • As one of the
    Health and Safety Measures for the Employees
    , the business app coordinator can use this feature. There might be a situation when the employee isn’t well and should not be allowed to come to office, then the employer or the business app coordinator can restrict his entry into the premise. By using this restriction feature, they can conveniently do so.

Restricted Employee Entry Report

  • Under this report, the business app coordinator can see the number of employees that are restricted to enter the premises. He can see the numbers of days and the date until which the employees cannot enter. In case of any amendments to be made in the restriction of the employee, then that can also be made by the edit feature given in this report.


  • The employee before filling the self-health declaration logs in through the username and password as generated on (self or business app coordinators) email ID. This will secure the employees data by agreeing to certain terms and conditions as mentioned for the first time users.

Self-Health Declaration Survey

  • Once the employee has successfully registered, he gets certain questions of the screen that he needs to fill. A few questions appear only for the first time users whereas certain questions are to be filled daily by the employee before he enters the premises of the business app coordinator. This will enable a
    Safe Entry to Office

Result of Responses

  • The employee sees the result screen that declares his status as Green, Orange or Red. He gets to see the message shared by the business app coordinator to him, as auto generated through the responses filled by him.


  • It is essential for the employee to see his daily status, hence this Get In Safe app brings the feature of a descriptive calendar that shows date wise status to the employee about the days on which he was marked Red, Green or Orange. Also, in case the employee’s entry has been restricted, he can even see that in his calendar present on the dashboard.