Annual Maintenance Support


annual maintenance

Annual Maintenance Support

We at Sakshem IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. believe in the fact that, the key role of any service provider resides actually in the after facilities that they provide. Hence, we throughout the journey of our client focus on the support services and the maintenance facilities that they wish for. We do not just deploy or install our products and services; instead in-depth thoroughly track the performance and efficiency of the delivered product and service. We have expertise team that genuinely end to end facilitate the annual maintenance and service for our clients.

End to End extensive management of all the infrastructural implementations

From the tools to the wiring to the actual end item that is placed by sIT team on our client’s premises is adequately tracked, monitored and maintained. Our clients do not need to follow up several times and remind us of their query; instead we on priority extensively provide the maintenance of all the infrastructural implementations. From data centre placement to the UPS facility and several others, we are upfront and actively engaged for our clients.
End to End extensive management