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Tally ERP Solution and Support

Tally.ERP9 is a leading accounting software used in every level of organization whether small, medium or large. It is the world’s fastest and most influential concurrent multi-lingual business accounting and inventory software exclusively designed to meet the desired needs of every organization. It is simple to use and learn, quick to install and easy to buy. Hence, Sakshem IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. ensures the smooth installation and maintenance services for all its clients who seek to have the Tally ERP solution. This solution is designed to integrate and automate the business operation such as purchasing, finance, manufacturing, sales and inventory.

Call Center Solution and Support

With the high end increase of the virtual working style, it is essential to have expertise of the call centre solution. A call centre solution enables the company to effectively and efficiently handle customer interactions. We at sIT ensure adequate research for the best call centre solution as per our client’s need and working style. We stand strong for the all-time support and query handling in this regard. Traditionally, call centre customer service solutions have been equated with only voice interactions; but as time progressed, the customers have moved on from only voice calls to other modes of communication. With call centre solutions the agents can place outgoing calls, handle incoming calls, track key metrics, perform workforce management, and upload automated scripts as well. We ensure that our clients are no more dependent on just one channel to reach for the customer support. We offer and support plenty of options such as the live chat, social media, email and various others. Having an extensive channel contact centre software ensures customer satisfaction and improve the level of customer engagement.
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Third-Party Software Support Services

To evade the burden of our clients, we actively exist as the support unit for their interaction with the third party vendors. There are several instances when the business organization is unable to track and avail support from the vendor from whom they have actually purchased the software. But having sIT along, our clients can easily handover this activity to us; and we on the first end will track the third party and ensure on time query resolution and active solutions for our client’s concerns with the third party vendor.

Cloud Backup and Storage Solution

Technology in today’s world has permeated nearly all aspects of daily life, from social networking to photography, finance and dating. This reliance on technology has brought a variety of advantages ranging from the speed to adaptability. However, when a majority of the personal data and entire digital life is stored on computers, there is always the risk of losing that data. In order to cater this concern; Sakshem IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. actively comes with the cloud backup and storage solution for all its clients. Several hardware failures, viruses infect and data gets corrupted due to degradation. That is why the need of cloud revolution has been so important for businesses and individuals alike.
With this service of Sakshem IT, the applications are no longer required to be installed on a user machine, they can be used in the cloud, and data can be mirrored and backed up in real time on cloud storage solutions. We have a varied variety in regard to the cloud solutions as few storage solutions are free, while others are paid, some allow you unlimited backup, others have a size limit, and of course, there are always bandwidth considerations. Cloud storage presents somewhat different security and privacy implications; as generally large corporations have better security than your home network.

Online Ups Support

We at Sakshem IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. offer the services for Online UPS as well. From the installation to the throughout support facility, we are there along with our clients. This service ensures smooth execution of the activities throughout the business transactions and hence adverse effects that act as hurdle for any business organization are evaded.