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  • 01Connectivity and Communication between Teacher and Student’s Parent made simple!
  • 02On-Time information circulation between Parents and Teachers
  • 03Caters to 3 type of Users :- Super - User, Parent, Teacher


Shikshalya is one of the

school management software

that comes with several features that ensure an effective and efficient running as the entire

learning management system software

and the overall

online school management software

. It is essential to have one stop repository and database for the overall school administration system, there are multiple activities that are conducted in schools and hence one single solution for all activities is a must. From the essential features of attendance management, exam scheduling, time tables, to the extensive features of online fee payments, bus tracking, results and certificates, the Sakshem IT’s shikshalya has it all for its clients.

Dashboard for Management

  • Shikshalya is a complete

    school management software

    , that comes with an interactive and descriptive dashboard. It is one of the crucial and essential activities of the school administration to monitor each day’s executions and see the real time insights of the attendance, exam results and several others. Therefore, our shikshalya eases this through the single window display dashboard.

Publish Academics

  • Another important feature of the school structure is the circulation of Assignments, Worksheets and Task Workflows. In this

    learning management system

    , Admin can publish the monthly assignments for the students and can set the weekly flow as well. Several worksheets can be created by the teacher and then the Admin will further be able to publish these for the Students. Regular home assignments as well as the weekend home assignments can also be shared with the Students by the Admin through the Shikshalya app’s Publish Academic feature.

Exam and Test schedule

  • For an ontime information update about the Test dates and overall exam schedule, our

    school management app

    comes with the feature in which the Admin can publish the test and exam schedule. The parents and teachers can see the entire schedule through the application.

Effective Fees Management

  • With the extensive feature of the Fee management, the Admin can see the centralized reporting of the fees collection with various filters at their login. Day wise trend is also easily visible for the analysis. This acts as the overall

    school accounting software


School Transport Management

  • Shikshalya – the

    online school management system

    , works as the

    school bus tracking software

    that gives complete details related to the school vehicles. The admin can therefore, manage the entire school transportation through this feature. Moreover, the admin gets the provision of seeing the real-time tracking of the school vehicles as well.

Time Table

  • One of the most essential aspect of school routine is the time table. Shikshalya app offers this extensive feature of Time Table in which the Admin publishes the Time table of the Students and the Teachers as well. This features eases the overall schedule and time management.

Custom Group

  • As the schools constitute of multiple classes, teachers and students, and there often comes the situation where a particular announcement or information is to be shared only with certain group. So this

    online school management system

    allows one to create several custom groups and share the information and announcements accordingly to the relevant group of people. As per each custom group, the Admin will assign the Teachers and the Students. This feature enables a smooth circulation of information amongst relevant stakeholders.


  • The calendar feature enables the Admin to upload holidays and the events of the school and publish it for people to see. This ensures a standard information sharing amongst all workgroups and peoples. Shikshalya acts as one of the overall

    school events planner software

    , that under the calendar tab shows all the details of events and holidays.

Data Upload

  • For the ease of the app usage and the feature’s interaction, we offer bulk data upload feature. In this the Admin can upload bulk data of Students and the Teachers at one go respectively. As soon as the data entries are imported, a master database is created. This data upload feature enables one to access entire staff and student entries at one instance itself, and acts as the complete

    school database software.


  • In day to day scenarios, the school administration has to share regular announcements with the staff and the students, for which the Shikshalya app brings the Announcement feature.


  • Under school administration, it is essential to stay updated with the reports. At present our school administration app offers the descriptive and detailed Attendance report and other useful reports for the admin purpose like student strength, Defaulter report etc.

Result & Certificates

  • It is always essential for the student’s parents to see their child’s result right away at the time it is disclosed. So the shikshalya app offers the provision to the Admin to upload the student’s results and certificates on their portals.

View Academics

  • The student’s parents necessarily have to see the assignments and workflows that are assigned to their child. Therefore, this school management app offers the provision of seeing the students’ monthly assignments, worksheets, weekly flows, home assignments and even the weekend home assignments.

Time Table

  • Shikshalya software as the

    school time table management system

    ensures that the parents know about the overall schedule of their student’s day or the week. Hence, the Shikshalya app offers the student’s parent to see their child’s time table.


  • This feature brings the entire schedule related to the holidays and other events. Parents can easily see the calendar and event details that are directly related to their student.


  • In day to day routine, the school administration publishes the notices and circulars. This feature gives the facility of handy access to the parents to see the published circulars. They can regularly keep a check and access the on time circulars related to their student.


  • Every parent loves to see the glimpses of their student at their school. So this feature of moments ensures that the parents can easily access and relish their student’s images of the school time. Teachers have the facility of uploading the moments.


  • It is essential for the parents to know about the status of their child’s attendance and hence this

    student attendance software

    brings the feature of accessing and seeing the details of one’s attendance at just a single click. Entire month’s attendance trend can easily and quickly be seen by the parents.


  • On time notification of each and every announcement is available through this

    student information system

    . None of the school’s announcement is missed by the parents. sIT-fIT Shikshalya app comes with the feature on real time notification alert of all the announcements that are concerned to the students. Shikshalya also acts as the

    school information system

    that allows the administration to share the latest information updates through this announcement feature.

Apply Leave

  • With the changing trends and usage of technology, parents always prefer on choosing the easiest mode for information solution. By just a single click, one can instantly apply for their student’s leave and inform the respective teacher about their child’s absence.

Exam and Test Schedule

  • Parents can all time see the test and exam schedule of their child in the easiest and the most convenient manner on their mobile application. This feature ensures that the child can on time prepare for the exams and stay planned for their exams and tests throughout the school tenure.

Result & Certificate

  • Parents can anytime see and download the results issued to their child and also can anytime and anywhere access the certificates awarded to the student. This ensures that the parents, teachers and the students are on the same track in regard to the student’s school performance and presence.

Sibling alignment

  • Shikshalya, the school management app comes with the extensive feature, where the parents can on time access to each of their child’s information in one single application itself. If there are more than 1 students of a parent in the same school, then the parent can easily see each and every detail and feature for every individual child.

Online Fee Payment

  • It is one of the

    school fees management software

    , in which the student’s parents can easily see the paid fees of their respective child. Along with this they can also see the update of the pending fees. To avoid the hassle and have a quick action, Shikshalya facilitates the provision of online fee payment. Just a few clicks and the student’s fees is easily paid by the parent. Once the fee is paid, they also get the acknowledgment, which as a record is maintained in the system as well.

Bus tracking provision

  • In today’s scenario, it is utmost important to have track of where one’s child is. Therefore, for the school to and from travel we have the sIT-fIT Shikshalya app that acts as one of the

    school bus tracking solutions

    and gives the on time real tracking of the school transport in which the student is travelling. The parent can easily contact the driver as per need and keep a complete track of the school vehicle until the student reaches safely to the school or to the home.

Calendar with Holidays

  • Teachers can easily view the planned holidays in the calendar. This calendar is published by the Super admin for the Students and the Teachers.

Attendance marking of Students

  • – As one of the

    school attendance software

    , this comes with the quick and handy solutions for their day to day attendance management work. So, for the teacher’s portal, our shikshalya app comes with the feature in which the teacher can daily mark the attendance of each student.

Share Moments

  • As it has been rightly stated that the pictures are captured to relish the moments. So by the feature of moments, teachers can easily upload and describe the pictures and students on the other hand can access the images and cherish the moments anytime and anywhere.


  • This feature is one of the most important

    school management software

    modules as teachers can ontime create the announcements for the students. It is really easy to generate the announcement and keep a record of what has been shared with the student.

Submit Remark

  • Shikshalya acts the overall

    software for teachers

    , in which the teachers can share certain remarks for the students to create a personalized impact. Moreover, with this school management app, it becomes really easy for the teacher to share individual remarks or feedbacks for each and every student as and when required.


  • During the student’s evaluation, it is extremely important to keep a record of each and every student’s attendance and leaves. With the features of extensive reports, every teacher can see the detailed daily attendance report, monthly attendance trend report and also the leave report of each and every student.

Home Assignment

  • The teacher under this feature, can upload the daily assignments for the students on any and every subject that they wish for. These assignments before getting published go to the admin for the approval. Post the approval these assignments get published on the student’s portal.

Exam and Test

  • – To stay ready with the content of the exams and the tests, it is important for the teachers to stay aware of the school’s test and exam schedule. This feature ensures that the teachers are able to see the ontime dates fixed for the exams and tests for the students of the respective classes.

Leave Approval of students

  • Teachers have the authority to approve the student’s leaves and therefore this feature gives the facility to the teacher for approving or rejecting the leaves as applied by the student’s parents.


  • This generic feature as available ensures that all the relevant information is shared with the teachers. On time notification alert is shared through this feature.

Teacher’s Time Table

  • Just like the student’s time table. It is necessary for the teacher to know the entire schedule of self as well. Here comes the feature in Shikshalya, the school management app that the teacher can easily see and manage her schedule as per the time table. This will ensure her preparation as per the defined sessions in respective classes with adequate time management.

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